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Champions Moment- Mark Hayward

Mark HaywardMark Hayward lives in Westmoreland and became a Champion on September 21, 2011 when he made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire healthy lifestyle behaviors in support of the Vision 2020 initiative. Mark is the principal of the Westmoreland School in Westmoreland, NH.

Mark, as principal, has many opportunities throughout the day to live, share, model and inspire Vision 2020 in his own life and in the lives of others. He became a Champion because he has “always tried to live a healthy lifestyle, but more so this year than ever. It is my first year as a principal of Westmoreland School and we have some great initiatives here this year, lead by various staff and community members, that promote healthy choices.”

In previous years of being at Keene High School, Mark had worked out each week after school in the weight room with some staff members and students at “Old’s Gym” and played basketball before school each Friday at “Early Bird Hoops”. Currently, Mark, with his new position as principal and with a later start to the day, lives Vision 2020 by “running with his wife and motivator, Champion Meloney Hayward, and weight training before school several days each week. This has intensified this spring due to our staff’s involvement in the  “Game On Diet” health competition. This initiative involves a healthy diet, regular exercise, good sleep, and positive lifestyle habits, and has been led by our Title One teacher and basketball coach, Amy Royce.”

Mark and other staff members like Cameron Fisk, the school’s PE/Health teacher, have been instrumental in helping motivate the students and the educational community at Westmoreland School to embrace the Vision 2020 ideals. Mark has been involved in great programs at Westmoreland School this year around improving the health of our community, including “participating in the new Bulldog Cross Country Running Club that was started this spring that involves students, faculty and parents and regularly has between 30-50 participants after school twice a week.  We are also had our Westmoreland PTA 4 Mile Run/Walk on May 19th! I have also been wearing a pedometer each day to monitor and log my steps as part of the our “Walk Across America” program at Westmoreland School that has each middle school class competing against each other and a faculty team to see who can make it to Sacramento, California first, based on calculating the totals number of steps each group has made.”

Mark feels that the Champions Program will have a huge impact as he notices “more and more connections being made by people regarding the positive benefits of regular exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices.”  He sees it all around SAU 29 with the “work the district Wellness Committee has been involved in and schools like Westmoreland School working to get young students active and aware.  Establishing healthy habits with our school populations is the key to keeping it going in the future, to 2020 and beyond.”

Mark invites the “people of Westmoreland to take the lead and make our town the model for others to emulate as we together to build a better future for our community and our children.”