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Champions Moment - Christine Greenwood

christine greenwoodChristine Greenwood lives in Keene with her family and became a Champion in October 2010 at the first Vision 2020 Summit I where she made the pledge to live, share, model, and inspire healthy lifestyle behaviors in support of the Vision 2020 initiative. Christine is a commercial lender at Savings Bank of Walpole in Keene, NH.

Christine, as a parent, active community member, and full time working professional, has many opportunities throughout the day to live, share, model and inspire Vision 2020 in her life and the lives of others. She became a Champion because “as a mother of two very active young men, having a full time professional career, being the vice president of the Keene Lions Club, and an active board member on numerous non-profit organizations”, she needed to take care of herself for herself, her family and her community. After being inspired at the Vision 2020 Summit I back in October 2010, Christine “wanted to support the Vision 2020 goal in becoming the healthiest community in America by 2020” and focus on becoming a Champion of her own health as well.

After becoming a Champion in late 2010, Christine made 2011 the year to focus on a change in her diet, her mind set, and her lifestyle. Over the past year, Christine has made some simple changes with her habits and her daily routine. Christine believes that for her “simple steps created great results which in reality only lasted a short amount of time with big results.” Here are three simple steps or “instant recess breaks” that Christine took to becoming healthier:

  • Doing squats at the same time as brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.
  • Take a fifteen coffee break and go for a short burst power walk.
  • Doing sit ups during the commercials of watching your favorite TV shows.

Christine has “lost a total of 60 pounds and feels great and has decided as her next step to maintain her weight through diet and exercise”. She plans to continue her healthy lifestyle and has recently joined the Keene Family YMCA to help her keep on track. The Champions program has truly changed Christine and has helped her make the healthy lifestyle changes that she has wanted for herself, her family and her community.“ I strive each day as an inspiration to my children, family and friends in becoming a Champion within them. Simple changes in your lifestyle can have a large impact in your overall health and it’s truly simple/ I focus on maintaining a positive attitude and believe that together, we can help the community achieve the Vision 2020 goal”.

Each month you will hear from one of our Champions about his/her journey towards a long, higher quality life. The "Champions Moments" videos are being produced by fellow Champions, Chris Coates and Kendall Lane, who also serve as the hosts. The 5-10 minute spots air on Channel 8 throughout each month and are also available for viewing on the Vision 2020 YouTube site. Thank you to Cheshire TV for taking your time to be a part of Vision 2020 by filming a Champion every month! For more information on Cheshire TV, please visit their website at