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Energetic Students Inspire Others In The Arts

MoCo Arts

Dancer Olivia Schrantz floats on air during the Ballet Rep Piece “Whimsical Discovery” with special appearance by The Apple Hill String Quartet.

Submitted by Champion, Katie Day, Organizational Champion, MoCo Arts

The students at MoCo Arts are a talented group. Singers, dancers, actors; we have them all coming through our studio doors each day.  In January, all of these talents were showcased in the winter productions of Bye Bye Birdie and Time To Dance.

Bye Bye Birdie, presented by the Teens Musical Theatre program, delighted audiences at the Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College with iconic musical numbers like “We Love You Conrad” and “Put On A Happy Face”. The 40 student cast gave a memorable performance, delivering lines with comedic timing, booming solos that echoed through the theatre, and big dance numbers that energized the stage. After countless hours of group rehearsals, memorizing lines and dance practices, Bye Bye Birdie came to a close. Each student taking home with them experience, knowledge and pride that they gave it their all and earned the standing ovation at the end of the show.

The following weekend the seats of the Redfern Arts Center filled once again for Time To Dance, the annual repertory dance showcase. This show features original choreography by MoCo Arts teachers and is performed by MoCo’s best dancers. This year, audiences were treated to the union of live music and live dance with a special performance from the world-renowned Apple Hill String Quartet during ‘Whimsical Discovery’.

Many of the students who danced that night were in five different pieces, while other students were also seen in Bye Bye Birdie the previous weekend. These familiar faces are seen in our studios week after week, putting in the work, and seeing the results with their success on the stage. Their ambition is admirable and their energy is contagious, they are role models for their peers and help lead the way for a new generation of talented, healthy and active kids to light up the MoCo stage.

MoCo Arts is proud to be an Organizational Champion of Healthy Monadnock 2020!

Photo courtesy of Steve Holmes Photography