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Does Your Organization Need Volunteer Help?

Submitted by Organizational Champion, Southwestern Community ServicesSCS logo

Get Volunteer Help When You Need It! 

Imagine sitting comfortably in your chair at work knowing that your newsletter will be all ready to go ahead of schedule or that this year’s fundraiser will be even better than ever, or that the outdoor painting and clean up will really get done. Your hands will be free for other important work responsibilities while our volunteers make your dreams become a reality with quality volunteer work! It is easy to get the help you need with your local Service Bureau volunteers nearby and available.

About Our Volunteers: It’s a Win-Win!

Workplace Success has been involved in the local community for almost 5 years, and our volunteers come from the New Hampshire Employment Program through a contract with the New Hampshire Community Action Agencies. 
Volunteers are currently unemployed, yet have many skills from a variety of careers. Educational backgrounds range from high school coursework to Master’s Degrees.  Volunteers understand the importance of giving back to the community. It is a win-win partnershipbecause your work gets done and our volunteers utilize their skills, learn new things and build their career portfolio.

A Wide Range of Work

Our volunteers do a variety of indoor or outdoor projects that benefit the community.   All it takes is your imagination and our volunteers. With internet & computers, we can do projects using our Word, Excel and Publisher expertise. Also, feel free to use our Service Bureau volunteers to do the “grunt” work that just takes time, energy and patience. Simple or complex, we can meet your volunteer needs.

  • Computer work and design
  • Internet research and email
  • General labor and cleaning
  • Foodservice and retail help
  • Customer service calls
  • Assembly and craft projects
  • Mailings and organizing data
  • Fundraising and auctions
  • Surveys and registration
Who Is Using Service Bureau Volunteers in the Keene area for what work?

 For more information about how to get our volunteers at your organization, call our Service Bureau in Keene for a consultation. Ask for Caitlyn Meade or (603) 357-1822 and place your free work order today.