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Save Transportation Alternatives – Contact Your Senators!

SRTSSubmitted by Champion, Linda Rubin, Chair of the City of Keene’s Safe Routes to Schools Committee

Healthy Monadnock 2020 needs your help! Please contact your Senators today so we can maintain the Transportation alternatives program and the local control provisions that help build bikeable and walkable cities and towns in the Monadnock region and around the country.

Just last year, Congress passed a new transportation bill, MAP-21, that dismantled dedicated funding for biking and walking by combining Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and Recreational Trails into one program and cutting the funding by 30%. The saving grace was that the bill included a local control provision to ensure that Mayors and communities could access these dollars to support local transportation priorities.

Now Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky wants to wipe out what’s left.

While repairing our community’s bridges are important, both for safety and economic development reasons, so are our local economies and the safety and health of our children. Dedicating the small amount of Transportation Alternatives funding to bridge repair couldn’t fix our county’s bridges in 50 years.  And, taking that small amount of funding away would dangerously undermine efforts, like the Safe Routes to Schools programs currently underway in Keene and Troy. Walking and biking for recreation and transportation is an important Healthy Monadnock strategy that will help everyone be more active, but only if there are cross walks, sidewalks and pedestrian bridges that make this kind of travel safe.

Please contact our NH state Senators and ask them to save Transportation Alternatives by voting NO on amendment 1742.