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Vision 2020 = Healthy Monadnock 2020

Vision 2020 is transitioning v2020 = healthy monadnockto Healthy Monadnock 2020 in order to communicate more quickly and accurately the initiative’s goal of becoming the healthiest county in the nation by the year 2020.

Last fall the Vision 2020 Education and Awareness Work group reconvened to create a healthy eating and active living messaging campaign for our community. The group worked with a consultant to create a promotional plan to achieve the following goals:

1. Increase the % of Cheshire County residents who are aware of the initiative
2. Recruit 25% of the adult population to become Champions AND
3. Increase fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity.

The consultant’s top recommendation was to “build a brand for the initiative” that easily communicates the goal and minimizes any confusion there might be about what Vision 2020 is (it has NOTHING to do with eye care!).  Moving forward, we want to be sure that people quickly understand that this is a county-wide initiative to become the healthiest community in the country by 2020. While the Vision 2020 brand had a message that was understood by a smaller segment of the community (our Champions!), we need to be certain that everyone clearly appreciates our goal.

We’ve been fortunate to engage 49% of the community since the initiative launched, but the majority of our citizens still do not know about our plans. Through this new brand, we are fortifying our efforts. After a good deal of discussion, solicitation of input from community members and then testing the new brand, we are poised to meet our goal in the next seven years.

We are excited about Healthy Monadnock 2020 and look forward to all our Champions working together to spread the word about our new name and brand and engage others in our community’s goal.

Healthiest Community Advisory Board