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Champions Moment May 2013

Christine Laclair

Loretta Palmisano, School Nurse (left), Christine LaClair, Guidance Counselor (right)

Christine Laclair lives in Marlborough and became a Champion in August 2012 at Marlborough School where she made the made the pledge to live, share, model, and inspire the Vision 2020 initiative. Christine is an employee at Marlborough School where she is the guidance counselor.

Christine became a Vision 2020 Champion for many reasons. “I know that good nutrition and exercise are key in making sure we stay healthy and live long”, says Christine. “I wanted to share that message in the most efficient and effective way, and Vision 2020 supports that with public awareness and resources.”

As the guidance counselor at Marlborough School, Christine plays a big role in helping improve the health of her students and the staff. Everyday Christine tries to make a difference with the health of her students by promoting healthy eating and active living. “One of the things I am doing to improve the health of my community is to share the 5-2-1-0 message with our students. I am on our school’s wellness committee which is exploring how to make school lunches even healthier than they already are. Also, we are exploring the opportunity to have a school garden, where students and teachers learn how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for their homes.”

As she “championed” Marlborough School becoming a School Champion of Vision 2020, Christine clearly sees the value of the Champions program. “I see it giving us all information and linking that to our attitudes about healthy eating and exercise. Because the program is a resource to schools and organizations, it is helping us to keep the message of working together to live in the nation’s healthiest community, visible. I also see the Champions program giving guidance for organizational change. Once programs, projects and policies are in place to support a healthier environment, it makes it easier to make healthier decisions because they are more in the forefront, easier to make, and more accessible. For example, if candy bars are not available, but fresh fruit is, it is easy to make the decision to eat the fruit when the candy bar isn’t an option. There are many things we can do both as individuals and as workplaces to encourage healthy decisions and make our community the healthiest place in the nation.”

Over the past year, Christine and her staff at Marlborough School have truly been living Vision 2020 and have all signed up as individual Champions. Although Christine is very happy about how committed to Vision 2020 her school is, she sees this as an opportunity for “our students and families to officially join in the effort.”