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Champions Moment April 2013

Angella Joslyn lives in Swanzey and became a Champion on November 29th, 2012 at Winchester School where she made the pledge to live, share, model, and inspire the Vision 2020 initiative. Angella is an employee at Winchester School where she teaches 2nd grade. 

Angella became a Vision 2020 Champion for many reasons. “I am healthy and would like to pass my healthy lifestyle onto my students and my children at home.  I am also a stage IV lung cancer survivor and believe because I am healthy through eating nutritious food and exercising, I am still here”, says Angella.  “My positive outlook and knowledge I have gained through research has helped me and others to make better choices.” Angella has made some changes in her diet such as eating more fruits and vegetables and less animal protein. She feels very strongly that “we can find most of our nutrients in fruits, vegetables and grains that we can grow.” 

As a second grade teacher at Winchester School, Angella plays a big role in helping improve the health of her school. Everyday Angella tries to make a difference with the health of her students by promoting healthy eating.  “I make sure every student in my 2nd grade class (3-4 students eat lunch with me each day; they each have their own days) tries the fruits and vegetables on their plates. We also discuss healthy options for school snacks and meals at home and what they could change to make it healthier. I also make sure to congratulate them on how healthy they DO eat!” Angella, through a grant at the school on Thursdays and Fridays, also encourages all of the kids to try the fruit or vegetables that the school receives.  “Even if they tried them in the past and didn’t like them, I sometimes ask them to try it again as our taste buds change!”, Angella says.   

She also recognizes that nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand in promoting health to her students. Angella has truly championed the involvement of Winchester School with the Kids DeMar Marathon started by Organizational Champion, Elm City Rotary Club.  “In the spring, I have been running with students for about four years now.  We now have a goal for the second year of working to get every student in my class to start running to get ready for the Kids DeMar in September.  They need to run 25 miles before the beginning of September and then they run the final 1.2 miles at the DeMar, which if added together is a full marathon!  We have been using the field in the back of our school which is ½ mile around and we gauge our mileage on this”, Angella says excitedly.

When talking about the role of the Champions program, Angella strongly feels that the students and parents of the community and country need to pay attention to their decisions concerning food and exercise.  Angella would love to see a “change in the way students are eating and would like them to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet instead of the abundance of carbohydrates that slow their energy and focus in the classroom.”  Angella sees the connection between good nutrition, physical activity and academic performance and believes that she “would see more attention and drive from her students if they all were eating healthier and incorporating physical activity into their lives.”

“I am very ambitious and would like the whole school if not whole town involved!”, says Angella when asked who should be Champions of Vision 2020.  She feels that  “it would be pretty amazing to see the community restaurants, stores and shops all involved promoting exercising and eating healthier options, instead of relying on convenience foods and unhealthier options.”