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Champions Moment - Christine Burke

Christine BurkeChristine Burke lives in Keene and became a Champion on April 24, 2012 where she made the pledge to live, share, model, and inspire the Vision 2020 initiative. Christine is an employee at Keene State College in Keene where she is the Director of the Center for Health and Wellness. She also is the co-chair of Organizational Champion, the President’s Commission for the Promotion of Wellness at Keene State.

Christine became a Champion because she has spent the past twenty five years, both professionally and personally, advocating for personal wellness.  “As a college student, I decided to major in Health Education because I believed being physically and emotionally healthy is the foundation for happy professional and personal relationships.  I also work really hard personally on my commitment to my own wellness”, says Christine.  “I prioritize exercising for 150 minutes a week, I try to choose the healthiest foods I can, I participate in yearly screenings and I surround myself with healthy, supportive relationships. As a fifty year old woman with a physical disability, who has never been what one might refer to as “thin”, I try to inspire others to believe that they too can be active and feel good!”

Christine, through her role in health and wellness on the Keene State College campus, plays a big role in helping improve the health of her community.  “As a Champion, and as a part of a Champion Organization, I believe that I live Vision 2020 with my work as the co-chair for the Keene State College President’s Commission for the Promotion of Wellness in moving the issue of employee wellness forward on campus.” The mission of The President's Commission for the Promotion of Wellness, is that we “advocate and promote wellness on a holistic level. The Commission supports each individual in the KSC community in making healthy choices for mind, body and spirit. They are also responsible for providing opportunities and strategies that promote the well-being of faculty, staff and students by coordinating programs and initiatives with the Wellness Program of USNH and by the development, planning, execution and evaluation of local health initiatives.”

Christine feels that the Champions program “gives a real “face” to the concept of Vision 2020. “Everyone wants to feel good and by making small behavior changes in one’s life, this can result in significant visible results.  The more people involved in this effort will make it the “norm” for all of Cheshire County to be healthy. It helps us see that we all have a part in Vision 2020.”

Check out Christine’s Champions Moment video!