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Champions Moment-December 2012

Polly Knowles

Polly KnowlesPolly Knowles lives in Winchester and became a Champion on October 19th, 2010 at the first Champions Program Kick- off event where she made the pledge to live, share, model, and inspire the Vision 2020 initiative. Polly is an employee at Fenton Family Dealerships and drives the shuttle at Subaru of Keene.

Polly became a Champion because she felt that she was already a Champion by the way she lives her healthy lifestyle. “I became a Champion when I had fellow Champion, Rudy Fedrizzi as a customer in my shuttle bus one day and asked me if I had heard about Vision 2020 or the Champions program. After chatting and getting to know each other, Rudy educated me about the initiative and how I should become a Champion. Rudy thought that because of my personal love of the outdoors, nature, being physically active and taking good care of myself, ALREADY makes me a Champion! Needless to say, I joined soon after!”

Polly, as both an employee at Subaru of Keene and a Champion, plays a big role in helping improve the health of her community. At work, she takes her lunch break by going to the gym or getting some sort of exercise like riding her bike. “I feel that being active during my work day helps “recalibrate my brain and allows me to be more alert and productive. It is great that my workplace allows me to keep my bike on campus and ride on my breaks. Having your employer supporting healthy habits such as physical activity during the work day is so powerful to employees.” Polly also packs her own healthy lunch every day rather than eating out like others at her workplace.  “I feel I set a good example of health by taking good care of myself by eating nutritious food, exercising during the day, visiting my dentist and physician regularly, knowing my “numbers” and sharing stories with my customers about health and wellness while in the shuttle bus.”

Growing up, Polly was always an active girl involved in competitive swimming and diving, horseback riding and downhill skiing. She was raised on a small dairy farm where being active was just apart of every day life. She was also a lover of the great sports athletes of her time. She loved that they valued their health and taught people that being healthy was much more important than anything else. “One of my favorites was Bonnie Prudden. Her and other athletes have inspired me to always live my life healthy and share that love for health with others. They have truly inspired me to stay on the path of wellness for over 50 years.” She continues her active lifestyle by taking long walks, riding her bike and even hiked Mt. Grace in Warwick, MA on Thanksgiving Day as part of a family tradition!

The Champions program has helped encourage me continue to keep living a healthy lifestyle, keep my days calm and stress free, and help approach my health one step at time”, says Polly. “I see the Champions program helping others in our community realize that it takes each of us taking our own healthy step, one step a time, to make this vision a reality. It helps us see that we all have a part in Vision 2020.”

Polly would like to invite fellow members of her workplace, all five Fenton Family Dealerships, to have more of an understanding of how wellness affects them as employees in a workplace environment so we can all be healthier and happier employees!