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The St. James Social Justice Ministry

The St. James Social Justice Ministry

Interested in sharing your Champion story? We want to hear the many ways that you are living, sharing, modeling, and inspiring Vision 2020 in your own life! You could be featured in our next Champions in Action newsletter! Meet these Champions and hear how they are taking their next healthiest step in helping our community become the healthiest in the nation!

Healthiest Community Champion School, Mt. Caesar School
These are emails from Champion teachers at Mt. Caesar School about how they are spreading the message of 5-2-1-0 has really made a difference with their students:


“Our walk with 5-2-1-0 has been a learning experience for us. The kids are doing great and proud of their health it seems. Many seem to really own it! We have been doing the "tracking" for 6 weeks now and will be celebrating next Thursday with those classes which have participated for at least 4 weeks. Eleven of the fourteen classroom teachers have supported their students in the data collection.”
-Champion, Judy Lundahl

“As I worked with my students last week, one boy began telling me how many fruits and vegetables he had eaten the night before! This triggered a conversation about eating healthy with my small group. Also, during the Halloween celebrations, a child sat looking at all his classmates and the snacks in front of them and he said, "These are not healthy snacks. We are not eating healthy snacks". Our group efforts are making a difference!” -Champion, Lynn Latulippe

“Some teachers of the younger kids are finding it tough (or impossible) to find time to help the kids fill out the forms. I wanted to pass on Kim M's method which is simple. She asks the group as a whole to raise their hands if they have eaten 5 fruits and vegetables, then counts the hands and records that count. She does the same for watching 2 hours or less of television or playing video games (screen time), and playing outside and drinking zero soda or sweetened sports drinks. She reports this on one sheet using numbers and turns in the one sheet. Thanks for the idea!” -Kim

Organizational Champion, Monadnock Conservancy
Recently signed up Organizational Champion, Monadnock Conservancy, shared all of the great things their staff and organization are ALREADY doing around healthy eating and active living:

“We provide healthy choices whenever food and beverages are provided (and often from local food sources), no vending machines on the premises, many of our members walk to and from all work related errands and meetings in the downtown district, sometimes go for walks with co-workers for one on one meetings instead of sitting in the office, and hold yoga classes on Monday mornings. We, as an organization, promote healthy living and conserving land so that there are places locally to grow food, (Tracie’s Farm in Fitzwilliam), protecting special places where people will always have access to land and its resources, (Cooper Hill Community Forest in Marlborough) and building trails for walking and hiking (Porcupine Falls Trail in Gilsum and the Keene Connector that links Horatio Colony Nature Preserve to the Wasntastiquet-Monadnock Trail).” –Champion, Katrina Farmer

Organizational Champion, The St. James Social Justice Ministry

“The St. James Social Justice Ministry advocates for justice, fairness, and economic opportunity for all people and for the responsible stewardship of our planet. That’s how we are contributing to make our community the healthiest and most equitable in the nation.” –Champion, Bridget Hansel

Organizational Champion, Keene State College Dietetic Internship
Champion and previous Keene State College Dietetic Intern, Fionna shares her experience at her new job in Seattle, WA:

"I wanted you to know I thought about Keene State College Dietetic Internship when I did an instant recess break at a customer service conference for my job. They were talking about how the concept was developed some where in the East coast and I so thought about us!" – Champion, Fionna Ibale