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Become a Community Garden Site!

Submitted by Champion, Libby McCanncommunity garden club

Keene Community Garden Connections (CGC) is excited to announce another opportunity for local organizations and agencies in Keene to apply to become CGC garden sites! This opportunity has been made possible through the continued funding from the Rashti Foundation.  With their generous support, Antioch University New England (AUNE) has partnered with many organizations in the work of developing six garden sites in Keene. The sites have been bountiful and the gardeners have been involved in many activities that connect them to their communities. CGC is currently seeking more partners to host garden sites in 2013 and is encouraging applications from local organization and agencies.

What Community Garden Connections offers:
Each garden site will be supported by AUNE graduate students servings as Garden Site Coordinators, who will offer initial support (The growing season of 2013) as funding liaisons, project assistants, and informal educators.  The student coordinators provide education and guidance that will develop your ability to establish, tend, and enjoy garden harvest. CGC’s goal is to provide everything that you would need to continue to care for your garden in subsequent years (CGC Coordinators will still continue to provide support in subsequent year, but in a reduced capacity). In addition to this support role, Garden Site Coordinators will:

  • Purchase garden tool kits which consists of building materials, garden tools, seeds, soil, and related educational supplies.
  • Assist in planning the garden and design fun educational events and/or garden programming.
  • Coordinate gardening and educational workshops for garden participants and staff, based upon interest and need.
  • Host a “Harvest Fest” event, involving CGC garden sits as well as the broader Keene community.
  • Work with your gardeners to make sure that they are learning and enjoying the opportunity.
  • Connect your agency and participants with garden related resources in the region.

What Community Garden Connections Expects of you:

  • Involve at least one staff member that will serve as the Garden Site Coordinator and five participants in all phases of garden development (from planning to upkeep to harvest).
  • Provide a logistically suitable site, with access to safe gardening space and water.
  • Ensure long-term viability and active engagement of participants in the garden creation, maintenance, harvest, and educational programming.
  • Engage in evaluating of programming and events.
  • Attend (at least one staff and two participants) three spring 2013 “Garden Connections” workshops
  • Participate in regular (weekly or bi-weekly) on-site meeting to discuss challenges and opportunities.

Please contact Keene Community Garden Connections at or visit their website at if you have questions regarding the project. Thank you for your interest and be sure to complete an application to be considered in the application process by December 1st.  Email CGC to receive an electronic copy of the application. 

For questions or for more information, please contact:
Libby McCann
Antioch University New England
40 Avon St.
Keene, NH 03431