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Champions Moment – November

Kimberly DiemondKimberley Diemond-Joy’s Network

Kimberley Diemond lives in Marlborough and became a Champion on June 25, 2011 where she made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire the Vision 2020 initiative. Kimberley is a volunteer at Joy’s Network in Keene, a local organization designed as a helping hand for cancer patients and their families. Joy’s Network became an Organizational Champion on September 5, 2012 where she and others involved with the organization, pledged to improve the health of our community, one healthy step at a time. The network was born in 2009 in loving memory of Kim’s mother, who was lost unexpectedly due to cholangiocarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

“I became a Champion because I am interested in maintaining my health and running an organization that promotes healthy living”, says Kimberley. Since Joy’s Network joined the other 55 Organizational Champions in September, the organization has implemented a “healthy lifestyles” club, promoting healthy eating and exercise through their women’s cancer support group, “In the Company of Sisters”.  “We are offering samples of healthy foods and chair yoga at our meetings and field trips to local professionals who specialize in a variety of healing techniques that could be helpful when undergoing cancer treatments or recovering from treatments or surgeries.” Kimberley believes that as an Organizational Champion, “Joy’s Network needs to truly “model” healthy behaviors because even if you are living a healthy lifestyle right now, your body may need help in order to be prepared for dealing with a disease such as cancer. Joining as Champions has helped prompt the question, “what else can I do?” to help improve our own health as individuals and the health of others we care about.”

Kimberley also lives Vision 2020 in her own personal life by eating right and exercising, although she jokes and calls herself,  “semi-athletic”. Kim makes great nutritious choices in her diet such as eating whole wheat vs. white, hearty oatmeal vs. cereal, has switched from artificial more water. She also has recently bought a mountain bike and has started mountain biking with her dad on the Cheshire rail trail. “He has already reached about 350 miles since the summer, but I am not quite there yet”, Kim jokes about her dad’s incredible mileage on his bike. Kim also likes to spend time hiking with her dog in the woods along with working out to fitness tapes on her own at her home in Marlborough.

“Being a Champion and signing that pledge really helps you with accountability and gives you motivation to continue to live a healthier lifestyle”, says Kim. “I know that becoming a Champion has helped Joy’s Network create a healthier environment for our cancer patients and families and I would invite all other organizations in the health field to be Champions, too!”