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A Bus Stop at the YMCA!

Submitted by Champion, Amy BrightCity Express Bus

Do you think the “Healthiest Community in the Country” should have a bus stop at the local Keene Family YMCA?  Right now, if you want to take the City Express Bus to get there, the closest you can get is an 8 minute walk- that’s if you walk as fast as I do.

When the YMCA concept was first conceived around 1860, it was from a ”drive to meet social need in the community” and so most YMCA’s were placed where access was easy for as many people as possible. In Keene we now have a wonderful Y, but we need to meet the community’s need to get there.  We have a bus, we just need to get it to the YMCA.   For those who are fit and able, the walk from the stop to the Y is do-able, but for others who are less able, the distance hinders their ability and willingness to make the trip.

It seems an easy thing for the Express Bus company to just “add a stop,” but apparently this is not the case.  For one, they are settled into their current schedule including printed timetables, and current riders’ expectations.  But worthwhile change, although disruptive for awhile, has long-term benefits.   This, in the opinion of many, would be an example of a “worthwhile change.”   But in order to make the change the managers need to know there is “sufficient interest and/or need.”

To this end, the Keene Family YMCA has prepared a brief survey to assess the need.   PLEASE take a few minute of your time and take this survey- it only takes a couple of minutes!  It’s also available on the Keene Family YMCA website.  

Do one more thing to support our community’s health- voice your support for a bus stop at the Keene Family YMCA!