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Champions Moment-September 2012

group photoChampions,Terry Clough & Pat Fleming

Terry Clough lives in Keene and became a Champion in 2010. Pat Fleming, friend and co-worker of Terry’s who lives in Keene, became a Champion in March of 2011. Terry and Pat are nurses and care coordinators for Cheshire Medical Center Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene.

“I became a Champion, pledging to live, share, model, and inspire Vision 2020 because I was already “living the vision” in my own life and wanted to model it for others I work with and care about”, says Terry. “I became a Champion because I had a goal to be healthier for myself, my family and my patients and this program really helped me take my next healthiest step to reach that goal”, says Pat. Becoming Champions, for both Pat and Terry, has changed the culture of health in their work place and at home effecting their co-workers, patients, friends and families.

Since becoming a Champion, Terry has made it her goal to become a healthier person for herself, her family, friends and patients. Since 2010 when she joined, she has lost 140 lbs, has climbed Mt. Washington with fellow Champions, Pat Fleming, Deb Chamberlin and others, climbed Mt. Monadnock, and ran a 5K race! Terry feels that her constant excitement around “living the vision“ has really sparked a change in her workplace environment and has changed the way her family views health and wellness”.

Since becoming a Champion, Pat has participated in a triathlon, hiked many mountains, and has started buying more locally grown foods to cook for herself and her family. Pat feels that “taking that next healthy step such as taking the stairs”, has really helped her on her wellness journey, as well as having Champion and friend, Terry to cheer her on! She believes that the key to her success is taking time for herself and making herself a priority, which is challenging working in healthcare when most of your day the needs of others are put before your own. “Planning my day out to schedule my physical activity time and plan healthy meals has been key in helping me stay on track with my wellness goals for myself and my family”, says Pat.

Terry and Pat have certainly seen how much impact the champions program can have because of the health goals they have achieved since joining.  “The Champions program is a great opportunity for anyone to join in and support Vision 2020, and for co-workers to recruit one another as champions. The Champion army grows larger and healthier lifestyle behaviors become more common.” Terry and Pat would like to invite anyone to become more involved in taking responsibility for their own health and helping this vision become a reality.  They would also like to invite anyone “who has daily interaction with children so this can be sustained beyond 2020 to be a Champion”. Championing Vision 2020 for children and showing them how to get involved in different opportunities around health can help move along the initiative of becoming the healthiest community.

Each month you will hear from one of our Champions about his/her journey towards a long, higher quality life. The "Champions Moments" videos are being produced by fellow Champions, Chris Coates and Kendall Lane, who also serve as the hosts. The 5-10 minute spots air on Channel 8 throughout each month and are also available for viewing on the Vision 2020 YouTube site. Thank you to Cheshire TV for taking your time to be a part of Vision 2020 by filming a Champion every month! For more information on Cheshire TV, please visit their website at