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Ashuelot River Park Arboretum Needs Volunteers!

Ashuelot River ParkSubmitted by Organizational Champion, Friends of Ashuelot Park

Welcome to the Ashuelot River Park Arboretum Volunteer Group!

The Arboretum is located on West Street in Keene between Starbucks and the Connecticut River Bank.   The Arboretum has a long history of generous gifts of land and money as well as volunteerism.  It has been beautified and maintained by volunteers since 1984.  This special oasis has seen two major recent growth times, one completed in 1990 and the second in 1995. Each growth has seen tremendous increases in native tree plantings, beautiful spring bulb displays and perennials nestled around benches.  All of these planting beds have been lovingly weeded and managed by volunteers.

We are in an especially needy time for recruiting new volunteers as many of our dedicated folks have reached an age of physical ability where they need to retire from active weeding and pruning.  There are many sections within the Arboretum which you could help with!  Each section has a leader and several helpers who coordinate the days and times which they gather to volunteer in that area.  You could work as a group or meet new people and volunteer with an existing group!  We also have some Master Gardeners available to help us, so no major experience is needed, although we certainly welcome knowledgeable weeders!

Once a section is weeded, it only takes an hour or so a week (depending on how the group decides to divide their times) to freshen up their planting bed.  If you or your friends and co-workers are interested in volunteering, please email Kelsey Plifka to meet the other volunteers and take a tour around the Arboretum.

The Friends of the Ashuelot River Park is the organization through which the volunteers are coordinated and it is one of 40 Vision 2020 Organizational Champions!  Thank you for considering helping us in this activity to further the Vision 2020 goals!