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Prenatal Visits

Prenatal care is important for you and your baby. Your regular visits at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene are an opportunity to meet all the doctors, nurses, midwives and support staff at the Hubbard Center for Women’s Health.

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You will visit your provider once a month up to week 28 (through the 6th month), every two weeks until week 36 (during the 7th and 8th months) and once a week after 36 weeks until you deliver your baby. Your partner or family members are encouraged to attend these visits with you.

At each visit the provider will:

  • Ask you how you feel in general
  • Check your weight
  • Test your urine for sugar and protein (to check for any medical problems)
  • Measure your abdomen to check baby’s growth (fundal height)
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Go over the results of tests you have taken
  • Encourage you to ask questions and discuss concerns

Women who get regular prenatal care tend to have healthier babies and are less likely to deliver prematurely.