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Newborn Providers

One important decision you must consider is who your baby’s pediatrician will be.

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Your choices will be your current family practice provider or a pediatric provider. A pediatric provider is a doctor or nurse practitioner who specializes in the care of children from newborns to 18 years of age.

Things to think about in making your choice include how well you are able to talk to the provider. For your baby's first few years you will be her voice and it is important to establish a comfortable relationship with the provider who will be caring for her. The convenience of the office location may also factor in your choice, as there will be several visits in your baby's first few years.

Try to set aside some time to think about and make this decision before labor starts.

Soon after your baby is born you will be asked who the baby’s provider will be. If you are undecided, the pediatrician on call that day will be assigned to your baby temporarily.

The provider you choose will come to visit your baby each day you are in the hospital. He or she will perform your baby’s first medical exam and discuss any issues you may have or instructions you may need when you go home.

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