Babies Online



The Women and Children's Health Unit at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene is pleased to provide the opportunity to announce the birth of your new baby on the Internet through our web page: Cheshire Babies Online.

With your permission, we will photograph your baby and list the baby's first name, weight, length, date, and hour born. If desired, we will also include a family or sibling group picture and personal comments. To maintain your security and confidentiality, we will use only first names, and no contact information will be included. Visitors can send you a message of congratulations through our web page. We will forward their message on to you if you provide an email address on the permission form that you complete after having the baby or we will send it in the mail.

Friends and family will be able to share your joy whether they are just around the corner or around the world. This is a wonderful way to have your loved ones view your new arrival, send a personal message and receive congratulations in return.

If you are interested in this free service, simply fill out the form provided to you after you have your baby and return it to your nurse. Your baby's photo will stay online for approximately four months.

August 2014
August 25:Shayla Reese
Lindsey and Sean
August 25:Daxten Levi
Jessica and Nathan
August 24:Nicholas Christopher
Sarah and Matthew
August 20:Tytus Erik
Kristen and Greg
August 19:Lillian Hunter
Colleen and Ryan
August 17:Michael Allen
Sarah and Chris
August 9:Wesley Roy
Mary and Roy
August 8:Evelyn Jean
Ashley and Michael
August 7:Talon John
Rachel and Josh
August 2:Walker Aiden
Kerry and Jamie
August 2:Logan William
August 1:Caroline Isabel
Jessica and Nick
July 2014
July 30:Riley William
Jie and William
July 30:Jasper Ray
Tara and Shaun
July 30:Delphia Luelle
Sarah and Samrad
July 26:Christopher Porter
Chelsea and Christopher
July 24:Kallen Ryder
Amanda and Emeit
July 23:Savannah Lynn
Ariel and Brandon
July 23:Erin Hadley
Rebecca and Shawn
July 22:Bella Victoria
Kathryn and Kenneth
July 20:Paisley Allyce
Kim and Andrew
July 19:Connor Alan
Angela and Nicholas
July 18:Ayden Ageev
Michelle and Anatoliy
July 17:Ezra James
Frances and Seth
July 15:Aria Elizabeth and Damian Grayson
Elizabeth and Timothy
July 14:Brooklyn Nicole
Katherine and Christopher
July 12:Olivia Jean
Alexandra and Jaxe
July 11:Henley Owen
Lisa and Vanny
July 11:Parker Edward
Kelly and Scott
July 10:Maverick Andrew Russell
Jessica and Shane
July 6:Carter John
Patty and Joel
July 3:Nolan John
Meghan and Dustin
July 2:Jaiden Earle and Jacob Vernon
Serinna and Matthew
June 2014
June 29:Wendell Jarrath Finnian
Tisha and Adam
June 29:Mason Edward
Katie and Jeremy
June 29:Jahmil Eian
Amelia and Jahlil
June 29:Tanner Garrison
Sarah and Jordan
June 27:Sadie Kristine
Tanya and Jesse
June 25:Arabelle Elizabeth
Kelsey and Michael
June 23:Hannah May
Heather and Michael
June 23:Isabelle Elizabeth
Hillary and Chad
June 21:William Augustus
Caitlyn and Michael
June 21:Mei-Lan Akayla
Andrea and Jordan
June 19:Carmyn Mae
Heather and David
June 19:Everly Jane
Kate and Andrew
June 15:Delaney Ann
Emily and Ben
June 13:Delani Jeanne
Caroline and Eric
June 12:Odin Zayne
Nicole and Al
June 12:Wyatt Earl
Amanda and Robert
June 3:Zachary Paul
Robyn and Andrew
June 1:Benjamin Scott
Jenn and Steve
May 2014
May 28:Reece Elizabeth
Catey and Vaughn
May 28:Hannah Marie
Jessica and Jedediah
May 27:Lydia Grace
Meghan and Sam
May 26:Mackenzie Annemarie
Miranda and Raymond
May 24:Hayes Jackson
Amber and Ethan
May 23:Everett Nathan
Alison and Nathan
May 23:Raelyn Elizabeth
May 22:Dominik Vincent
Leah and Erik
May 21:Sadie Lillian
Sarah and Lucas
May 19:Malcolm Mason
Megan and Jonathan
May 19:Mary Jane
Chelsea and Daniel
May 13:Gavin James
May 13:Lucas
Maria and Rafael
May 13:Jayce David
Amanda and Jason
May 12:Kristopher Dean
Tiffany and Dillon
May 12:Oskar Adderley
Erin and Dillon
May 12:Grace Natalie
Kristi and Thailand
May 11:Julian Jesse
Danielle and Joseph
May 11:Emily Rose
Jennifer and Ryan
May 10:Zayden Robert
Meghan and Luke
May 9:Vinessa Marina
Nancy and David
May 2:Maggie Hale
Addie and Michael