Babies Online



The Women and Children's Health Unit at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene is pleased to provide the opportunity to announce the birth of your new baby on the Internet through our web page: Cheshire Babies Online.

With your permission, we will photograph your baby and list the baby's first name, weight, length, date, and hour born. If desired, we will also include a family or sibling group picture and personal comments. To maintain your security and confidentiality, we will use only first names, and no contact information will be included. Visitors can send you a message of congratulations through our web page. We will forward their message on to you if you provide an email address on the permission form that you complete after having the baby or we will send it in the mail.

Friends and family will be able to share your joy whether they are just around the corner or around the world. This is a wonderful way to have your loved ones view your new arrival, send a personal message and receive congratulations in return.

If you are interested in this free service, simply fill out the form provided to you after you have your baby and return it to your nurse. Your baby's photo will stay online for approximately four months.

April 2014
April 11:Margaret Evelyn
Bridget and Mark
April 11:Lillian Jeanette
Kristina and Michael
April 11:Camilla Jane
Andrea and Justin
April 9:Vivien Frances
Courtney and Kelly
April 8:Jovie D'Aren
Rachel and Jason
April 7:Ridley Faye
Marie and Jeremiah
April 6:Alayla Roielle
Felicia and Robie
April 5:Jade Emery
Katey and Bruce
April 5:Lauren Rose
Jaymie and Luis
April 4:Aiden James
Molly and Jonathan
March 2014
March 31:Damien Charles
Halley and Joshua
March 24:Hunter Matthew
Jessica and Justin
March 23:Kyson David Michael
Briauna and Jered
March 19:Sarah Jeanne
Mia and Sean
March 18:Dextin Mark
Janelle and Creighton
March 16:Jayla Lizabeth
Jessica and Douglas
March 11:Emmanuel David
Kellie and Christopher
March 10:Grace Alice
Stefanie and Randy
March 3:Styles
Crystal and Michael
March 3:Roman Allen
Jennifer and James
March 3:Rocco Ronan
Rebecca and Jared
March 3:Peyton Christopher
Brianna and Christopher
February 2014
February 28:Ryker Christopher
Martina and Christopher
February 28:Callie Emeline
Julia and David
February 24:Kyler James
Amanda and Kyle
February 21:Breydon Alekzander
Erika and Daniel
February 18:Iressa Elaine-Louise
Amanda and William
February 17:Tenley Marie
Samantha and Matthew
February 14:Ethan Dustin
Christa and Dustin
February 12:Jackson Oliver
April and Matt
February 11:Elijah Matti
Alma and Danny
February 10:Emma Christine
Rebecca and Scott
February 10:Mason Anthony and Micah Bradley
Kimberly and Anthony
February 5:Jayla Lynn
Lindsey and Micheal
February 4:Athena Ansley
Gracille and Brett
February 4:Asher James
Julia and Andrew
February 3:Juliana Marie Alice
Lisa and Matthew
February 1:Blain Thomas
Jessica and Mathew
January 2014
January 28:Archer Thomas
Amanda and Jonathan
January 28:Carinna
Wendy and Jack
January 25:Maya Jade
Savanah and Christopher
January 23:Isabelle Nicole
January 22:Todd Lee
Tanner and Todd
January 21:Lyla Anna
Brittany and Henry
January 19:Jaxon Robert
Stefanie and Brett
January 17:Hannah Elizabeth
Pilar and Jacob
January 13:Cameron Jacob
Andrea and Michael
January 5:Hunter Harold
Courtney and Stephin
January 5:Sawyer Lee
Kate and Ben
January 4:Elsie Elizabeth
Carolyn and Patrick
January 2:Jett Ryan
Jennifer and Darius
January 1:Andrew James
Adrienne and Derek