Babies Online



The Women and Children's Health Unit at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock is pleased to provide the opportunity to announce the birth of your new baby on the Internet through our web page: Cheshire Babies Online.

With your permission, we will photograph your baby and list the baby's first name, weight, length, date, and hour born. If desired, we will also include a family or sibling group picture and personal comments. To maintain your security and confidentiality, we will use only first names, and no contact information will be included. Visitors can send you a message of congratulations through our web page. We will forward their message on to you if you provide an email address on the permission form that you complete after having the baby or we will send it in the mail.

Friends and family will be able to share your joy whether they are just around the corner or around the world. This is a wonderful way to have your loved ones view your new arrival, send a personal message and receive congratulations in return.

If you are interested in this free service, simply fill out the form provided to you after you have your baby and return it to your nurse. Your baby's photo will stay online for approximately four months.

November 2017
November 19:Beaudren Lee
Kaitlyn and Karl
November 17:Julianna Isabelle
Andrea and Justin
November 7:Saige Marlee
Elisa and Skylar
November 6:Owen Thomas
Illa and Scott
November 4:Ezra
October 2017
October 26:Vera Lynn
Shelbie and Chris
October 25:Levi Richard
Rebecca and Caleb
October 20:Wyatt Jacob
Eva and Clayton
October 19:Hazel Ann
Kaitlyn and Joshua
October 18:Logan Andrew
Shauna and David
October 17:Trace Jordan
Sara and Benjamin
October 16:Arthur Alexander
Heidi and Benjamin
October 12:Maple Sunshyne
Amber and Eric
October 12:Weston Henry
Felicia and Jeremy
October 12:Aden Joshua
Reanna and Mathew
October 4:Canyon Paul
Jana and Thomas
October 3:Connor Michael
Samantha and Bryan
October 3:Brixton Tanner
Kecia and Matt
October 1:Moxley Andrew
Kelly and Thomas
September 2017
September 30:Samar
Rekha and Ashish
September 28:Mia Ann
Stephanie and Christopher
September 26:Jasmin Elizabeth Rose
Jaye and Justin
September 22:Sophia Marie
Stephanie and Justin
September 21:Grayson Monroe
Kelli-Ann and Chris
September 19:LayLa Quinn
Michelle and William
September 15:Karlene Abigail
Denise and Bryan
September 10:Zoe Jane
Amanda and Zack
September 9:Henrik William
Kristina and Ian
September 6:Maxon James
Savannah and Adam
September 5:Wyatt Christopher
Amanda and Dan
September 2:Skylar Claire
Kim and Casey
August 2017
August 25:Sophie Rose
Rachael and Kyle
August 23:Oscar Elliot
Liz and Brian
August 18:Kenton Ross
Allyson and Benjamin
August 18:Kye Michael
Ashley and Michael
August 14:London Rae Casanova
Emily and John
August 8:Jacob Levi
Erin and Charley
August 7:Kamden Matthew
Kaytlyn and Mike
August 2:Alice Cook
Lindsey and Justin