Babies Online



The Women and Children's Health Unit at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene is pleased to provide the opportunity to announce the birth of your new baby on the Internet through our web page: Cheshire Babies Online.

With your permission, we will photograph your baby and list the baby's first name, weight, length, date, and hour born. If desired, we will also include a family or sibling group picture and personal comments. To maintain your security and confidentiality, we will use only first names, and no contact information will be included. Visitors can send you a message of congratulations through our web page. We will forward their message on to you if you provide an email address on the permission form that you complete after having the baby or we will send it in the mail.

Friends and family will be able to share your joy whether they are just around the corner or around the world. This is a wonderful way to have your loved ones view your new arrival, send a personal message and receive congratulations in return.

If you are interested in this free service, simply fill out the form provided to you after you have your baby and return it to your nurse. Your baby's photo will stay online for approximately four months.

December 2014
December 17:Cali Mae
Crystal and David
December 15:Arianna Noel
Jennifer and Michael
December 13:Julia Katherine
Beth and Paul
December 11:Arielle Lynn
Dawn and Timothy
December 9:Arella Rae
December 2:Savannah Rayne
Jamie and Charlie
December 1:Olivia Mae
Ashley and Eric
November 2014
November 26:Damien James
Brianne and Dakota
November 24:Weston Roy
Amanda and Brad
November 13:Hudson Lamar
November 12:Karson Matthew
Kaylyn Roy and John "Henry"
November 12:Jayce Noah
Elizabeth and Justin
November 10:Donald Charles Aaron
Amber and Jeremy
November 9:Caiden Daniel
Amanda and Daniel
November 9:Alexis Ivoree
Brandi and Doug
November 5:Kyle William
Allison and Kyle
November 3:Dezmon
November 2:Bernice Cheng
Ang Yin and Sze Yuen
November 1:Reid Timothy
Sarah and Bryan
October 2014
October 27:Willow Lennox
October 24:Liam Christopher Wayne
Caitlin and Dylan
October 18:Bryant David Edward
Alixa and Justin
October 16:Damien Lee
Jessika and Travis
October 15:Averie Lynn
Amanda and Kyle
October 13:Gavin Michael
Nichole and Zac
October 9:Amais Bruce
Rachel and Taylor
October 9:Theodore James-Micheal
Emily and Christopher
October 6:Paisley Quinn
Lindsey and Brandon
October 6:Elijah David
Alexandra and Samuel
October 4:Tristan Robert-Brian
Alisha and Daniel
October 3:Landon Michael Vincent
Kaitlynne and Michael
September 2014
September 29:Bria Lynn
Erika and Mark
September 26:Edwin Matthew
Jordan and Matthew
September 19:Jameson Reed
Christine and Ken
September 16:Leland Chance
Christine and Norman
September 15:Lucas Jeffrey
Catherine and Jeff
September 15:Naomi Ann
Mikayla and Thomas
September 13:Daniel Anthony
Amy and Anthony
September 11:Ceelie May
Michelle and Michael
September 10:Vivienne Rose
Amanda and Colin
September 9:Matthew Charles
Amanda and Robb
September 9:Jazlyn Jade
Doris and Christopher
September 8:Kaydence Marie
Emilee and Jeremy
September 7:Quinton Jeffrey
Tianna and Jeff
September 5:Gunnar David
Devoney and Tate
September 3:Cheyenne Elaine
Tabitha and Allen
September 2:Chloe Jean
Suthasinee and David