Babies Online



The Women and Children's Health Unit at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene is pleased to provide the opportunity to announce the birth of your new baby on the Internet through our web page: Cheshire Babies Online.

With your permission, we will photograph your baby and list the baby's first name, weight, length, date, and hour born. If desired, we will also include a family or sibling group picture and personal comments. To maintain your security and confidentiality, we will use only first names, and no contact information will be included. Visitors can send you a message of congratulations through our web page. We will forward their message on to you if you provide an email address on the permission form that you complete after having the baby or we will send it in the mail.

Friends and family will be able to share your joy whether they are just around the corner or around the world. This is a wonderful way to have your loved ones view your new arrival, send a personal message and receive congratulations in return.

If you are interested in this free service, simply fill out the form provided to you after you have your baby and return it to your nurse. Your baby's photo will stay online for approximately four months.

March 2015
March 23:Samantha Marie
Sherry and Brian
March 23:Isabella Anne
Katie and Arthur
March 22:Silas Rafe
Breahnnah and Kelly
March 21:Anne Elizabeth
Kim and Ryan
March 20:Avah Lynn
Tracy and Robert
March 19:Jaxton Edward-David
Ashleigh and John
March 18:Kinsley Allura Grace
March 18:Lyle James
Savanna and Caleb
March 18:Jameson Levi
Hazel-Mae and Brian
March 17:Marshall Dean
Bethany and Greg
March 17:Bransyn Dean
Bonnie and Bryant
March 15:Beau Phillip
Ashley and Nicholas
March 13:Elliot Richard
Katherine and Rasheed
March 6:Lily May
Chelsea and Scott
February 2015
February 26:Hazel Alena
Amber and Jason
February 25:Isla Rayne
Tayla and Shane
February 25:Cornella Roxane
Simcha and Damien
February 23:Ava Grace
February 17:Callum Matthew
Jennifer and Jason
February 13:Harrison Dale
Kayla and Bradley
February 9:Zachary Calvin
Jennifer and Sean
February 8:Hazard Raymond
Hannah and Josh
February 5:Maya Jade
Melissa and Chris
February 4:Isaac Jonathan
Jessica and Jonathan
February 3:Jamison Allen Kenneth
Lindsay and Josef
February 3:Zachary John
Olivia and Matthew
February 2:Joshua Marshall
February 1:Miriam Rosalee
Jennifer and Frank
January 2015
January 31:Pierce Brennan
Tracie and David
January 31:Wade McCoy
Alicia and Jeremy
January 28:Sophia Klara
Eliesa and Eric
January 23:Jack Henry
Gerianne and Jake
January 21:Leon Matthew
Cassidy and Mike
January 14:Gabriella Tatiana
Gina and Drew
January 3:Preston James
Sonya and Richard
January 2:Daniel Earl
Tracy and Brendan
January 1:Juliette Dawn
December 2014
December 30:Jaxun James
Courtney and Tyler
December 30:Gabriella Elizabeth
Carol and Jackie
December 30:Airyana Marie
Christal and Darren
December 29:Summer Lily
Chelsea and Nealon
December 28:Gannon
Jamie and Darron
December 23:Aria Willow
Nicole and John
December 20:Luna Anne
Kortney and Jessy
December 17:Radek Ezra
Jacqueline and Jonathan
December 17:Cali Mae
Crystal and David
December 16:Parker
Jenifer and Mike
December 15:Arianna Noel
Jennifer and Michael
December 15:Corey Kendall
Mariah and Corey
December 14:Huckson Joshua
Olivia and Justin
December 13:Julia Katherine
Beth and Paul
December 11:Arielle Lynn
Dawn and Timothy
December 9:Arella Rae
December 2:Savannah Rayne
Jamie and Charlie
December 1:Olivia Mae
Ashley and Eric