Tress distress

hair wrapped in towelIs your hairstyle causing hair damage or loss? It might be, the American Academy of Dermatology cautions. People who consistently wear tight ponytails and braids, for instance, or those who use styling tools like flat irons too often or at too high a temperature may see significant hair damage and even loss. The good news? You can prevent damage by following these tips from dermatologists:

  • Dry your hair by wrapping it in a towel after a shower or bath. Straight hair breaks more easily when combed or brushed while wet, so handle it as little as possible. Conversely, people with tightly curled or textured hair should brush their hair while wet to prevent breakage. Decreasing the number of times per week that you blow dry also helps limit damage.
  • Forget 100 strokes a day. Avoid overbrushing hair to prevent split ends.
  • Turn flat irons down to low or medium heat. Use flat irons no more often than every other day, and leave curling irons in place for two seconds or less.
  • Limit styles that pull hair and cause breakage and can lead to permanent hair loss. These include braids, cornrows, ponytails and hair extensions.