Retired from work? Time to work out!

couple stretchingIt’s no secret that exercise can boost your health; even leisure-time activities such as walking and biking can have a big impact on your heart health. According to a study published in Circulation, people who were physically active the recommended two and half hours per week had lower markers of inflammation than people who exercised less.  The study followed more than 4,200 participants with an average age of 49, tracking how long and often they engaged in leisure-time activities like yard work or walking.

Researchers found that 49 percent of the participants met the standard physical activity recommendations. Once the participants retired, the percentage went up to 83 percent, indicating that retirement may be good for physical activity levels and provide more opportunity for people to work out.

Ready to increase your physical activity? Talk with your doctor about your heart health and the amount of physical activity that’s right for you.