Healthy habits may prevent future disease

girl jumpingBeing heart smart when it comes to diet and exercise shouldn’t be something that’s an adults-only goal. Teaching children heart-healthy habits today can help protect them from heart disease down the road.

Three heart-health areas to watch in children include:

  1. Diet. Make sure your child’s diet is low in saturated fats and includes mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Learn more about healthy eating for children.
  2. Physical activity. Participating in at least one hour of physical activity a day will help their cardiovascular health. Here are some exercise and physical activity ideas.
  3. Exposure to secondhand smoke. Creating a smoke-free environment—particularly at home and in the car—can help protect kids from secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is dangerous to children and adults alike and can increase a child’s risk of heart disease an adult. Contact us today, we can help you quit.