Healthier fast food options? Fat chance!

fast foodFrom salads to baked potatoes, fast food chains have been trying to incorporate healthier options on their menus. But if you think you’re saving calories by ordering that salad—think again. According to new research, despite the 53 percent increase in menu offerings over the last 14 years, the average number of calories in entrees and drinks hasn’t changed much.

According to the study, about 15 percent of Americans’ caloric intake is from fast food (up from 4 percent in the late 1970s). Overexposure to unhealthy food choices is one of the main problems associated with this increase.

If you find yourself on the drive-thru line more often then you’d like, try to consider substitutions, like a side salad instead of fries, to help combat the added calories. In addition, talk with your doctor about how many calories you need in a day to live a healthy life and the best foods for you to achieve your caloric goals.