Better stability—find it at the pool!

woman in a poolAre you a woman who has osteoporosis and is looking to boost muscle strength and prevent falls? When it comes to aquatic workouts, high-intensity routines might help. Published in the journal Menopause, a study followed more than 100 inactive women in their 50s and 60s—three-quarters of whom had osteoporosis or had the beginnings of osteoporosis. All took bone-building vitamin D3 and calcium supplements for six months, and about half also participated in HydrOS interval training (which included short bursts of intense activity).

In follow-up, women following the water workout regimen saw an 86 percent drop in the number of falls they experienced, and the number of women who fell dropped 44 percent. Other gains in this group included improved flexibility and better hand, back, hip and knee strength. The women who remained sedentary and only took supplements didn’t experience the same benefits.

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