Are you getting the screenings you need?

cancer screening Many U.S. adults aren’t, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Screening rates for colorectal, breast and cervical cancers either fell short of previous rates or showed no improvement:

  • Cervical cancer: 1 in 5 women aren’t up to date on screenings
  • Breast cancer: 1 in 4 women aren’t up to date on screenings
  • Colorectal cancer: 2 in 5 adults aren’t up to date on screenings

Perhaps not surprisingly, adults without insurance or a usual source of care had the lowest screening rates.

Screenings are important because they mean cancer can be caught in the earliest stages, when it’s most treatable and survival rates are best. What’s more, cervical and colorectal screenings can prevent cancer by finding and removing precancerous tissue. For the latest screening recommendations, visit the American Cancer Society and talk with your doctor. He or she may recommend a different schedule based on your personal and family health history or other risk factors.