5 ways you can prevent work burnout

overworked woman Are you putting in long hours in order to meet your job’s high demands and tight deadlines? You may be on the path to workplace burnout. Here are five tips to minimize burnout and stay happy and motivated at work:

  1. Take a break. This could be simply going for a short walk over lunch or planning a weeklong vacation in a few months. Taking time away from work can help you feel refreshed.
  2. Separate work and home life. With laptops and cellphones keeping us constantly connected, it’s harder to step away from work. Limiting your spare time spent on work can help decrease your risk for burnout.
  3. Say “no” sometimes. People most susceptible to burnout are often those who are willing to take on everything. You may have to say “no” to extra hours and projects sometimes. Talk to your manager about why you don’t think you’re the right fit for a project and get their perspective.
  4. Stay healthy. It’s easier said than done, but getting plenty of sleep, exercising and eating well can keep your body and mind in the best shape possible — helping you ward off burnout.
  5. Have fun. Sometimes the easiest way to make your job better is to have fun with it. Share a laugh with co-workers, bring in a puzzle to do in the break room or plan a happy hour every few weeks to relieve some workplace stress.