10 gift ideas to inspire good health

gift boxes With the holidays just around the corner it can be a challenge to find the right gift for everyone on your list. This year, get creative with gift ideas that focus on health and wellness. We’ve organized our list into three categories important to overall health: eating well, exercising more and active thinking.

Eat well

1. Smart water bottle: It’s hard for most people to remember to drink enough water each day. But with a smart water bottle, you’ll be able to track how much water you’ve had. These devices are more expensive than a regular water bottle, but they make it easy for you to pair with other fitness devices like Fitbit® or Jawbone®. Cost: $60

2. Cooking classes: Buying for a novice in the kitchen? He or she can learn how to cook healthy meals through the help of cooking classes. Cooking classes can be both fun and educational, and they’ll even get to enjoy a bite to eat! Cost: $50–$100 per class

3. Food scale: Perfect for a foodie, dieter or home cook, a food scale can be one of the most important tools for making a recipe correctly or tracking exactly how much you’re eating. Cost: $10–$35

Exercise more

4. Activity tracker: Wearable activity trackers are all the rage in the fitness community right now. These wearable devices help track things like steps taken, stairs climbed, heartbeat, sleep and more. Some can even provide silent buzzing reminders to get up and move throughout the day. Cost: $75–$200   

5. Fitness classes: Help your loved one get active through the gift of fitness classes. Whether it’s dancing, yoga or cycling, group classes can make movement fun. Cost: $50–$150

6. Kettle bells: An easy way to sneak in a good workout at home is with kettle bells. These compact weights offer a wide variety of exercises without taking up the room of a full free weight set. Cost: $25-$100

Think actively

7. Painting sessions: For those who are artistic (and those who are not!) a painting session can be a fun way to do something creative and memorable. Cost: $30–$60

8. Spa treatment: Finding a way to unwind can help reduce stress and promote clear thinking. Give your loved one some down time with a special spa day. Cost: $80–$150 per treatment

9. Brain puzzles: Exercising your mind is great for your health. Get your loved one thinking outside the box with puzzles, games and riddle books meant to work your brain. Cost: $5–$30

10. Journal: Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to organize your mind and find an outlet for creativity. Pick up a journal and a nice pen or pencil to get them started. Cost: $5–$20