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100 % Schools

What is this initiative?healthy kid

The "100% Schools" initiative is a pilot program that will give every child, in every school, the opportunity to enroll in health insurance. This project is a partnership between our local school system, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and New Hampshire Healthy Kids. Under this initiative, the Family Resource Counselor from Cheshire Medical Center works closely with school nurses to identify families needing assistance, offer information about health insurance options, and enroll eligible families in the Healthy Kids program. This effort builds on the long-standing partnerships between NH SAU #29, SAU #38 and Cheshire Medical Center's community health programs.

How will this program help children?

People without health insurance often delay care or receive care on an episodic basis through the emergency room. Health insurance helps remove this barrier to health care, and promotes the use of preventive services and early diagnosis of health conditions. Educators and school nurses see the impact of health care access everyday, because healthy children perform better academically and have fewer absences from school. Healthy children are better learners. Introducing the program through schools helps families in our community access routine medical and dental care. Overall, we will have a healthier school community.

What do we mean by "100% School"?

A "100% School" is a school where all students (families) have been given an opportunity to have health insurance. Some children have health insurance through a parent's place of employment. Other families may choose not to carry any insurance or may not qualify for Healthy Kids due to income guidelines. Other families will opt to enroll in healthy kids. To become a "100% School", all students at the school, should be identified as fitting into one of these categories.

To view examples, please go to the Case Examples page on the Caring for Communities: Hospitals in Action website.

For further information, please visit our Financial Assistance page or contact:

Ruth M. Abbott
Family Resource Counselor
Cheshire Medical Center
Community Health Services
603-354-5454 x 2792