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At Cheshire Medical Center, we believe that the health and wellness of every member of our community matters. And we are committed to being community partners in support of healthy and resilient living for all.

Please join us for one or more of this Summer’s line-up of programs designed to provide learning opportunities and supportive connections with others on similar paths to optimal wellbeing.

Together, we can be our healthiest.

These classes and programs are brought to you by the Center for Population Health (Center) at Cheshire Medical Center and are part of the many ways we are working to help our community be one of the nation’s healthiest.

Cheshire Medical Center established the Center for Population Health as a department dedicated to guiding and facilitating the implementation of community-based health and wellness projects and policies, integrating our clinical care into these efforts, and providing resources for education, outreach, and support to individuals, families, work-sites, schools, and the community.

The Center for Population Health is part of the Council for a Healthier Community, a group of 30+ individuals representing schools, organizations, coalitions and businesses that oversees the Healthy Monadnock Community Engagement Initiative. All of the Center’s project priorities align with the Healthy Monadnock Initiative and Cheshire Medical Center is a proud member of the Healthy Monadnock Organizational Champions program.

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