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Diabetes self-management education* program

Individuals with diabetes can take advantage of a variety of ways to learn more about diabetes and how to delay or prevent complications. Please review the options below to help you determine the best format to meet your health needs.  To assure you of our expertise in diabetes care, we are proud to inform you that Cheshire County Diabetes Self-Management Education Program Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education* since 2005.  In addition to taking advantage of our education opportunities, we would like to remind you to meet with your primary care provider on a regular basis—usually at least 2 – 4 times per year— to discuss your diabetes care concerns and to receive important medical care to keep you healthy.

Group Program

A series of four 2-hour sessions provides a broad overview of all topic areas important to diabetes self-management.  Our certified diabetes educators, pharmacist, health psychologist, physical therapist and registered dietitian provide you with strategies for managing your diabetes.  Our small group setting allows for patients to interact with one another as well as with the instructors.  Patients are encouraged to share experiences and ask questions but participation is not required.  Topic areas discussed are described below.  Click here for current class schedule. To sign-up for this program please call (603) 354-6570 Option 3 and leave your name and phone number with our Diabetes Care Network receptionist or send a message online through myD-H that you are interested in attending this program. One of our diabetes educators will contact you to make arrangements to attend our program.

  • General facts
    We provide an overview of the several types of diabetes as well as explain the various treatment options.
  • Nutrition
    A healthy diet can help you keep diabetes under control. Learn how food affects diabetes, as well as the latest recommendations in meal planning, label reading, and eating out.
  • Medication
    When diet and exercise are not enough, medication is prescribed to help control diabetes. Our pharmacist will review all available drugs and how they work, as well as potential side effects and precautions.
  • Monitoring blood sugar
    Diabetes control is determined by measuring the level of sugar in a patient’s blood. Information is provided on types and features of meters, blood sugar goals, when to test, and what to do with the results.
  • High and low blood sugar
    Both high and low blood sugar can be a problem for people with diabetes. We explain how to recognize, treat, and prevent blood sugar problems. Our main focus is on early recognition, treatment and prevention of both immediate and long term complications of diabetes.
  • Stress
    Stress can be a major problem for patients with diabetes. Participants will learn how to reduce the effects of stress on diabetes control.
  • Activity
    Learn how regularly planned activity can reduce the risk of heart complications, lower blood sugar, and make you feel more in control of your life. Various activity options are discussed so you can find something that fits your lifestyle.
  • Preventive care
    Learn ways you can protect yourself from the more serious and permanent effects of diabetes with simple day-to-changes in your lifestyle.
Individual medical nutrition therapy

Schedule an appointment with our registered dietitian to get a personalized meal plan to fit your lifestyle. Through counseling and education, you will learn a new way to think about food and diabetes.  The focus is not on what you can’t eat, but what you can eat and how much.  Our dietitian can help you choose, prepare, serve and enjoy healthy, satisfying foods that will improve your overall health.  Be sure to bring your spouse or significant other to the meeting.  To schedule an appointment please call (603) 354-6638 (press 1), or make an appointment online through myD-H.

Individual self-management skills

Get one-on-one instruction from our Diabetes Care Nurse on how nutritional choices, blood glucose testing, medication management, and fitness all work toward the prevention of complications and a healthier you. Spouse and significant others are welcome to attend this meeting with you. To schedule an appointment please call (603) 354-6570 (press 3), or make an appointment online through myD-H.

Online Educational Videos

We partner with Emmi® to deliver patient education for a variety of topic areas, including diabetes prevention and care. Emmi is a free, interactive program that you can view online in the comfort of your own home. These online presentations make complex medical information easy to understand and enable you to play an active role in your health care. You can also share the programs with family and friends who assist in your care.

Emmi programs will take about 15 to 30 minutes to view, depending on the program and internet connection. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. If you do not finish watching the program the first time, you can begin where you previously left off.
Learn more by visiting: http://goemmi.com and enter access code: DHDIABETESCARE

Dual diabetes care visit

Get an individualized appointment with both our registered dietitian and our diabetes care nurse in same day visits. This type of appointment can especially be helpful to individuals who do not want to come back for separate appointments or those who have transportation issues. To schedule an appointment please call (603) 354-6570 Option 3, or make an appointment online through myD-H.

Talkin' diabetes: informal monthly discussion group

You’re not in this alone. Join us for monthly support groups led by certified diabetes educators and other qualified individuals who offer new and innovative solutions to your healthcare needs. Hear from others who are living with diabetes and share your own story. More information.

Diabetes Prevention Program

This free 1-hour learning experience will provide practical tips on how you can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. Also learn about our more in-depth program which will provide weekly guidance in your journey to better health. Family and friends are welcome. Diabetes Prevention Class Schedule (PDF)


*Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene has been Recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education* since 2005.
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