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Why do I need a pre-trip consultation?

Malaria, food and waterborne illnesses, and other infectious diseases not encountered in the U.S, are among the many health hazards for travelers might abroad. The mission of the travel clinic is to give travelers a thorough understanding of potential health and safety issues so that they may better protect themselves from illness and injury.

What is involved?

We ask that you come prepared to provide a detailed medical history, including
current medical diagnoses, medications, allergies, and previous immunizations. A thorough review of recommendations and health risks specific to your itinerary will be covered, and any immunizations that you elect to receive will be provided at that time. If warranted, we can also prescribe medications for malaria prevention, traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, and motion sickness.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, but since insurance plans vary widely, we advise that you contact your insurance company prior to your consultation to determine whether our services are covered.

What vaccines are provided?

Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, inactivated polio, typhoid, meningococcal (menactra and menommune), tetanus (Td and Tdap), MMR, varicella, pneumovax, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, and influenza vaccines. We also provide pre and post trip tuberculosis skin testing.

Can my travel companion and I come in together for a joint consultation?

Absolutely! We see families, school groups, and other organizations. Large groups do require more advance planning. Please call the clinic for details.