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Radiation Oncology

Our Board Certified radiation oncologist, Steven R. Levene, M.D., Director of Radiation Oncology Services, is a specialist who has advanced training and experience in evaluation and treatment of cancer using radiation therapy.

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He works with a team of professionals, such as our medical physicist, medical dosimetrist, radiation therapists, and an oncology nurse. We also work in coordination with the local American Red Cross that provides drivers, (from Red Cross and ACS), for transportation assistance to appointments.

Linear Accelerator

Our state-of-the-art equipment consists of a Varian 2100SC Linear Accelerator, a Varian Ximatron Stimulator, a CT Scanner for treatment planning, and ADAC treatment planning computer system. The simulator, CT and treatment planning computer are used conjointly for planning and preparation of the patient prior to treatment. The linear accelerator is used to deliver the radiation treatment and is among the most modern radiation treatment delivery machines found worldwide.

IMRT (Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy) is now offered at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center Kingsbury Pavilion. This type of treatment is a breakthrough in cancer care because it delivers high doses of radiation precisely to the cancer cells with minimal effect on healthy tissue. It's more effective and typically has fewer side effects.

Following clinical evaluation and review of all pertinent imaging studies, the radiation oncologist, with technical assistance from our medical physicist, uses the treatment planning computer to target the cancer. As the cancer may be deeply located within the body, CAT scan information is often used to assist in this targeting process. The simulator may then be used in conjunction with this computerized targeting process to determine the correct points of entry for the radiation beams on the patient. Once the planning process is complete, the linear accelerator is used to deliver the radiation to the exact location and in the dose as prescribed by the radiation oncologist.