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Adult Treatment Program

The Adult Treatment Program provides intensive, in-patient psychiatric care for adults 18 years and older who are experiencing emotional crisis or who are suffering from psychiatric illness.

The program is designed to offer prompt and comprehensive evaluation of the patient's needs, and to provide short-term treatment to stabilize the immediate crisis, address its major causes, and refer appropriate after care.

Patients often arrive feeling overwhelmed. Some have become paralyzed by anxiety, depression, or other emotional problems. Some have come face to face with a major mental illness. When understanding and support from family, friends, and clergy have not relieved the problem, therapeutic treatment may be the only way to get help. Hospital care, may be the best means of controlling a potentially destructive situation.

Our multidisciplinary treatment team consists of a Board Certified psychiatrist specializing in adult and geriatric treatment, psychiatric nursing staff, a social worker, a certified recreational therapist, and consulting psychologists. The Mental Health Unit is staffed by two psychiatrists with psychiatric care available 24 hours a day.

As a psychiatric program within an acute care hospital equipped with a comprehensive array of clinical services, we have the capability to treat patients with a range of psychiatric problems, from temporary emotional difficulties to the most serious and debilitating disorders.