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Adolescent Treatment Program

Most teenagers survive the turmoil of growing up. But others need help.

The Adolescent Treatment Program is short-term, in-patient psychiatric program focused on stabilizing the young person in psychiatric crisis, fostering their personal growth related to communication and coping skills, and engaging families in the healing process.

Our multidisciplinary treatment team consists of a psychiatrist who specializes in children and adolescence, psychiatric nursing staff, a social worker, a nurse case manager, a certified recreational therapist, consulting psychologists, and consulting dietitian.

Because our program is hospital-based, we are able to address the needs of the whole person. Treatment plans are developed and modified according to the individual needs of each patient. Our team has created a warm, safe, age-appropriate environment conducive to the quick recovery of youngsters dealing with attention deficit, adjustment, affective, anxiety, conduct and eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (sexual and/or physical abuse), and substance abuse.