CMC/DHK Senior Management
  • Art Nichols, Chief Administrative Officer, Office of the President
  • Don Caruso, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Office of the President
  • Robert K. Cochrane, VP, Finance/CFO
  • Cindi Coughlin, Sr. Vice President Patient Care/CNO
  • Julie Green, Vice President Human Resources
  • Cherie Holmes, MD, Associate Medical Director
  • Peter Malloy, Sr. Director Information Services/CIO
  • Ellie Milo, PhD, Sr. Director Patient Care Services
  • Paul Pezone, Vice President, Clinical and Support Services
  • Les Pitts, MD, Associate Medical Director
  • Sandie Phipps, Senior Director Development & Communications
  • Timothy Fisher, MD, Chair - Department of Surgical Services
  • Sherry Guardiano, MD, Chair - Specialty Medicine
  • Harneet Sethi, MD, Chair - Emergency Department Services
  • Andrew Tremblay, MD, Chair - Department of Primary Care Services